Window Washing

Complete Window Cleaning Services in Portland and Cumberland County


At Xpress Cleaning Services, we specialize in both residential window cleaning and commercial window cleaning services. We work on everything from older historic and custom residential homes, to businesses, store fronts and larger commercial buildings. We consider no job too big or too small to handle.

Why use Xpress Cleaning Services over other window cleaning companies? Some of our customers will tell you it’s the quality of the work our window cleaners provide, or our outstanding work ethic. Other’s will say it’s our personable customer service and our vast level of experience - we’ve successfully cleaned over 400,000 windows!

Another reason is our work is 100% guaranteed. It’s extremely important to us that you’re completely satisfied with our service. That’s why we back all our work with this 100% Guarantee: “If you’re not fully satisfied with any one of our services, we will go back and redo anything you’re not satisfied with – Guaranteed!”

Residential Window Cleaning

Window cleaning options include (select services you want):

  • window cleaning exterior only
  • window cleaning interior and exterior
  • mirrors
  • solar panels
  • skylights
  • window screen cleaning
  • window tracks wiped out
  • window tracks vacuumed and wiped out
  • hard water removal from windows
  • window blading


  • Lyman, Me.


Commercial Window Cleaning

We provide Commercial Window Cleaning Services – from small storefronts to large multi-building office complexes. Our dependability and professionalism will provide you with peace of mind on any job we tackle. We can also put you on a regular maintenance schedule so that you never have to schedule again and your windows will look beautiful year round! 

Our professional window cleaners only use window squeegees and specialized tools to clean windows. You can be assured that the streaky look left by paper towels and spray chemicals will be a thing of the past. On exterior windows, we either use a waterfed pole that uses pure water to scrub and rinse, leaving your windows crystal clear and spot free, or we use the traditional scrubber and squeegee method. We love transforming dirty windows into beautiful windows that sparkle and gleam!

Rain Gutter Cleaning Services

We also provide rain gutter services. Options include: Cleaning debris off your roof, cleaning out rain gutters and downspouts, installing gutter covers and more. Call us today 302-358-0483 for a Free Estimate. For more information, click here: rain gutter cleaning service.


Pressure Washing Services

We provide low and high pressure wash services as an additional benefit to our prized customers. Pressure washing your house is the next best thing to repainting it and can help bring out the natural colors of your home. We now offer pressure washing for houses, decks, deck furniture, patios, driveways, garage doors, and much more! For more information, click here: pressure washing service.

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